Employees who spend too much time engrossed in obsessive thoughts, problem-solving or worrying about the future are more likely than their peers to experience stress, anxiety and depression. Practicing mindfulness can help employees think differently and engage more fully with the world—and be more productive at work.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a practice that focuses our innate ability to be fully present in the moment and aware of what we’re sensing and feeling1. When we’re mindful, we pay attention to where we are and what we’re doing, without judgement and without overreacting to what’s happening around us.

Mindfulness programmes help employees better manage stress

The need for mental health support is high:

Optum Mindful Matters, by eM Life® delivers evidence-based mindfulness programmes built on a solid foundation of 15+ years of data-driven insights and consistent results for improving health, productivity and engagement.

The programmes let participants connect with certified experts in live, interactive or 24/7 on-demand sessions. Culturally relevant content is available in multiple languages.

Additionally, applied mindfulness practices help employees make more purposeful decisions about their health and wellbeing and deliver proven results among those who participate:

  • 81% are purposefully engaged4
  • 76% have reduced their stress4
  • 50% have improved their sleep4
  • Employers report a 47-minute weekly gain in productivity4

Support the holistic wellbeing of global employees

UnitedHealthcare Global is diligent about creating holistic offerings to support the whole person. With that in mind, we embedded the Mindful Matters programme as part of our Europe BeHealthy plan. Other programmes include My Wellbeing, an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) and Financial Wellbeing.

Together, these programmes are designed to create an interconnected group of services that can help boost a member’s physical, mental, social and financial knowledge, with the effect of improving their overall wellbeing.

Contact us to get started with our BeHealthy plans.



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