Virtual Health Assessment (VHA) and Global Medical Arrangement (GMA) have been developed by medical professionals to ensure employers, employees and their dependents have access to the most cost-effective, real-time and comprehensive health assessments and medical support, prior to travel.

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Virtual Health Assessments

Through an online questionnaire, the individuals' health risk will be evaluated based on the destination, general health and occupation. Using our medically designed algorithm, employees are given a risk rating of low, medium or high. This allows more focus and support to be offered to those in the medium or high risk categories while minimising the cost for those assessed as low risk.

Additional support can take the form of a Virtual Consult or a Face-to-Face medical, which will only be conducted when deemed necessary.

Our comprehensive, online solution can be deployed prior to departure to provide the employer with the information they need to make plan adjustments and help their employees pro-actively manage their health. It can be deployed to all employees, including dependents, local nationals, expats and business travellers.

As part of our in-House solution, we offer a consistent and objective approach to health assessments and the review of medical information, regardless of your employee’s home country. Employers can track the progress of their employees through a secure online portal.

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Global Medical Arrangement

With our global network of primary care and occupational health clinics, we can arrange a wide variety of medical examination or pre-travel vaccinations your global workforce may require. As part of our Global Medical Arrangement, we ensure that all our medicals are conducted at vetted and approved facilities by certified and accredited healthcare professionals.

Our End-to-End solution provides you and your employees with all the services needed; from the identification of a suitable facility, liaising with the employee to agree on availability, managing all documentation prior to examination through to storing all medical records, notes and certifications. By consolidating medical examinations through one provider you can ensure a consistent standard or providers, an efficient process and oversight of the costs.

Our system offers employees secure access to review and download certificates as well as automated reminders for renewal of medicals if required. 

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COVID-19 Testing

During these challenging times, we have developed an extension to our Global Medical Arrangements service to help support you and your teams by now facilitating COVID-19 testing.

All testing is conducted at vetted and approved facilities by certified and accredited healthcare professionals. Testing can be done through the following testing methods:

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing Using a nasal or throat swab, this test is designed to detect if an individual has an active infection by detecting the presence of genetic material of the virus known as Ribonucleic Acid (RNA).

Antibody testing By taking a small blood sample, this test looks for antibodies in order to determine whether there has been previous exposure to the COVID-19.

Pre-test Counselling A selection of our providers also offer pre-test counselling services for individuals prior to proceeding with any testing so they are well prepared for the process and possible outcomes.

After the testing, both the employer and their employee will have a report that will help them understand whether the person can go to work, needs medical attention or needs to isolate based on their test results at the chosen clinic. 

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