A short note from Dr. Alex Rowe on World No Tobacco Day: 

Today is World No Tobacco Day, a day to remember the harmful consequences of smoking for your health. If you smoke, it’s a day to think about how you can give up tobacco for good.

Evidence that smoking is harmful is well known and most smokers want to quit. In fact, around 78% of adult smokers in the U.S. said they were keen to quit1. Given the addictive nature of cigarettes, cessation can be a challenge. The good news is there are lots of resources to help smokers who want to stop the habit. Governments across the world publish advice from their health services and often, individuals can get access to support through work., If you are looking to quit smoking, research the services on offer to you. The World Health Organization also offers helpful information which you can find at the link here- Dr. Alex Rowe, Associate Medical Director, Europe, UnitedHealthcare Global