Taking care of yourself

This page will help you find resources to support your emotional health and also gives you guidance on how to help stay healthy and protect yourself and loved ones during this time. 

The COVID-19 information on this page is relevant for members covered by our International Private Medical Insurance plans, BeHealthy and ExploreWell, underwritten by our European entity UnitedHealthcare Insurance dac, trading as UnitedHealthcare Global.

Optum My Wellbeing - stay active

My Wellbeing is a digital health platform from Optum®, designed to help globally mobile employees and their dependents create and sustain positive mental, physical and behavioural changes by inspiring them to develop healthy habits.

By coaching you and your family on healthy behaviours such as fitness and nutrition, Optum My Wellbeing helps and encourages you to make positive health choices and actively engage in maintaining and improving your wellbeing, wherever you are in the world. 

Set your personalised goals, stay active and stay connected with your work colleagues by joining individual or group challenges even if you are not in the same place. Just log in to the Optum My Wellbeing app or portal and set up your profile. Your Registration Guide in your myUHCGlobal app or portal has all the instructions needed for you to get started.

Employee Assistance Programme

The EAP confidential and multilingual support service is available to you and your dependants anytime and anywhere. The EAP counselling service is available face to face, phone call, email or through online chat service. The topics covered are broad reaching and include challenges that could relate to relationships, work life balance, family issues, workplace concerns, loneliness or cultural challenges.

You can access the EAP service by calling the number in your Membership Guide or if you have already registered and downloaded the Optum MyWellbeing app, you can access EAP by clicking the ‘Advice’ button and following the prompted steps.

LiveWell (Online EAP Resources)

Your plan provides access to the Livewell portal for all things health and wellness related. The portal is an extensive eLibrary that provides advice, factsheets and articles, and additional resources for a broad range of personal and work related topics.

You can access the Livewell portal by reviewing the instructions in your Registration Guide. 

Virtual Visits

Virtual Visits is a secure telemedicine service that allows you to book and have a consultation with a doctor through your desktop or mobile device. 

From treating colds and fevers to caring for migraines and allergies, the programme makes connecting with a doctor simple, easy and free from the comfort of your home. 

For further information on how to register for Virtual Visits for the first time, please visit your Registration Guide.

Health Management Programme

Your benefits programme includes access to the Health Management Programme, which provides personal support if you or your family members are living with chronic or complicated health conditions. The programme provides direct access to a clinician who will become familiar with your case history and get to know the challenges you face in managing your condition.

You will connect with the same clinician whenever you need help managing your health or accessing resources and care. 

After becoming familiar with your case history and your personal health needs, your clinician will help you navigate the complexities of your condition and the challenges of finding appropriate care on assignment abroad.

Our goals are to help you stay on your treatment plan, reduce complications, improve clinical outcomes, and stay focused and productive to successfully complete your expatriate assignment. For further information on how to use the Health Management Programme for the first time, please visit your Registration Guide.

Global Intelligence Center

The Global Intelligence Center is your real-time information hub for security and medical intelligence. World Watch® Global Security Intelligence is an all-inclusive intelligence database that contains a vast array of real-time analysis and information of countries and major cities around the globe. The database contains in-depth profiles of more than 130 countries and 340 cities that provide virtually everything a traveller needs to know before visiting an international destination. World Watch® has been designed to allow you to access information quickly and easily.

Our Medical Intelligence Reports offers online access to continuous updates on health information pertinent to your destination(s) of travel such as immunisations, vaccinations, regional health concerns, entry and exit requirements, and transportation information. You can also review certain preferred facilities for your travel destinations. Risk Ratings are provided for each country and rank the severity of risk concerning disease, quality of care, access to care, and cultural challenges. For further information on how to register for the Global Intelligence Center for the first time, please visit your Registration Guide.