At UnitedHealthcare Global, the health and wellbeing of all who we serve is our top priority. We are excited to share that our Rally Cycling Team embarks soon on one of the calendar’s most prestigious events, the Tour of Britain.

The Tour of Britain runs from September 5-12. From Penzance to Aberdeen, the team will race across the breadth of Britain. Before they clip in and tackle this star-studded stage race, they took a moment to share their tips with us on how we can all "Get Ready for Tomorrow” with our bicycles!

Visit the website where you can follow their all their cycling tips here.


The information on the Rally website does not provide medical advice or other health services and is not a substitute for website users' doctors' or professionals’ care. Website users should talk to their doctor before significantly increasing their level of activity, particularly if users have a medical condition or have been physically inactive.