A short note from Dr. Phil Sharples on Men's Health Week:

Last year, Men’s Health Week looked to 'Take Action on COVID-19', and this year’s theme serves as a follow up to that, looking at what is next for men’s mental health following the COVID-19 pandemic. Most peoples’ mental health has been challenged by the lockdowns and insecurities of the last year, yet men’s mental health is a particular cause for concern. Even before the pandemic, statistics showed that men could be reluctant to seek help when experiencing mental health problems.1 While the end of the pandemic will be a relief for many, the prospect of change as restrictions are lifted may cause anxiety for some.2

The good news is that together we can overcome these issues. We want to encourage all men to speak up about their mental wellbeing, as well as their physical health. If you are experiencing any unusual symptoms from low mood or any notable physical changes to your health, your family doctor or primary care physician is a confidential resource for advice on preventing any future health problems. Monitoring mental and physical health, as well as going for regular check-ups3, is an excellent way for men to take control of their bodies and enjoy a happier, healthier mindset. We need to continue talking about mental health to prevent more men from suffering in silence. Sign up here to learn more about this year’s Men’s Health Week. - Dr. Phil Sharples, Chief Medical Officer, Global Solutions, UnitedHealthcare Global