Author: Dr Alex Rowe, Associate Medical Director, Europe, UnitedHealthcare Global

For those in the northern hemisphere, the warm weather of summer has hopefully arrived, pandemic restrictions are easing, and many people may be looking for new ways to get outside and get active. For those living through cooler weather, inspiration for some new health and fitness ideas can be welcome motivation through the winter months.

At UnitedHealthcare Global, we want to make building activity into each day second nature, so we have outlined five easy ways for everyone to get more active this

  1. Try a new fitness class: For those who love the feeling of a group exercise, discovering a new class could be really motivating and while some classes can take place virtually, in many countries, gym classes are back on in person. Looking at the exercise class schedule for a local gym explains what classes are upcoming and where these can be booked, helping gym users to get back in a routine now gyms have reopened.

  2. Embrace technology: If gyms are still closed remember that technology has been a great resource to connect to for physical exercise during the pandemic. From home workout videos to fitness tracking apps there are several ways to facilitate a more active lifestyle. There are a range of exercise videos available for every fitness level on the internet and users could even follow a video online of something new – perhaps unearthing a new passion for yoga, pilates or aerobics.

  3. Walk and talk: When the sun shines, going outside to take a call on a gentle walk is an excellent way to build activity into each day and benefit from some extra vitamin D. Research has shown there are several benefits to walking; it can boost creative thinking, improve focus and increase productivity.1 Never underestimate the power of lower-intensity activity in helping improve overall health - not all exercise has to be high intensity!2

  4. Challenges: Participating in a challenge can be really motivating when itwalking-challeng-activity comes to exercise. For example, one could set a personal goal of hitting 10,000 steps a day for 30 days or connect with other people such as colleagues or family and engage in a competition. UnitedHealthcare Global’s Optum My Wellbeing app* provides users with a space to engage and stay connected with colleagues, friends and family regardless of location. The app encourages users to take part in various fitness challenges, such as step counts, cycling and much more where the users can track progress against others worldwide.

  5. Invest in new equipment: Many people find they do not have the correct equipment to participate in certain sports, which can be disheartening. Luckily, many employers offer employee discounts which have lower rates for gyms, sportswear, technology, and bikes. Even without access to a discount scheme, just purchasing a new pair of trainers may be the encouragement some need to get back in the gym.

Small daily changes can have a noticeable impact on overall health,3 whatever someone’s lifestyle and working environment, July is a great time to reset and switch-up daily activity, so we hope the above tips has provided some inspiration to get active this July.




*Users must be covered by UnitedHealthcare Global’s expatriate health insurance plans to access the app.