Read Dr. Shoba Subramanian's note on International Stress Awareness Week:

international-stress-awareness-weekThis week is International Stress Awareness Week, which gives us a chance to focus on stress management and remove the stigma associated with mental health illnesses. International Stress Awareness Week was created to raise awareness about stress prevention.

The pandemic has undoubtedly caused higher levels of stress among many. Some may have resulted from financial struggles or the shift to working remotely. This week try to give yourself a break, build your support network, look after your physical health, and make some positive lifestyle changes.1 With growing awareness around mental health there are many more accessible mental health services, such as mindfulness apps or reaching out to external mental health services, like Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs). This week we need to continue to raise awareness, show support, and remove the stigma around mental health illnesses.” - Dr. Shoba Subramanian, Medical Director Europe, UnitedHealthcare Global