Read a short note from Dr.David Wang on Blood Cancer Awareness Month:

There are an estimated 1.24 million people worldwide who have blood cancer each year, with leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma and Hodgkin’s disease accounting for 6% of all cancer cases.1 Blood Cancer Awareness Month is a chance to educate ourselves about the symptoms and treatments of blood cancer and to raise awareness of its often-overlooked existence.

As most known risk factors for blood cancer are uncontrollable, such as age, race and gender,2 it is even more important that we alert ourselves to potential symptoms of the disease, including fever, chills, frequent infection and a loss of appetite.3 Although new research into blood cancer is being carried out every day and innovative treatments continue to be developed, there is an ongoing need for us to support these crucial practices. Why not take Blood Cancer Awareness Month as an opportunity to get involved in an exciting fundraising activity? From walks, cycling and runs, there is something all of us can do to raise money for the cause. Or register as a blood stem cell donor today and give potentially life-saving blood. - Dr. David Wang, Associate Medical Director APAC, Global Solutions