Access to Diabetes Care

Read Dr. Amit Arwindekar's note on World Diabetes Day:

Today we turn our attention to World Diabetes Day, to show our support and bring awareness to the growing incidence of diabetes, which affects 537 million adults around the world.1 According to World Health Organisation (WHO), simple lifestyle changes have shown to be effective in preventing and delaying the onset of type 2 diabetes. These include being physically more active, eating healthier and avoiding tobacco use.2

The theme for World Diabetes Day is ‘Access to Diabetes Care’. Those who are diagnosed with diabetes require consistent care and support, and with the rising number of cases, millions around the world are unable to access treatment.3 By bringing much-needed awareness to diabetes, we can help prevent and treat those who are affected. This year will also mark a special year in medical breakthroughs, the 100th year of the discovery of insulin. Insulin has saved millions of lives around the world, including those affected with diabetes.4 - Dr. Amit Arwindekar, Medical Director, North America, UnitedHealthcare Global