UnitedHealthcare Global is a proud sponsor of the Worldwide Broker Network and was delighted to partner with WBN to conduct a Market Trends Survey to their members to partake in.

This report outlines the highlights and key findings from the UnitedHealthcare Global and the Worldwide Broker Network Market Trends Survey. The survey was issued to over 100 firms and received a 35% response rate. Out of those who responded, around 40% were based in Europe, followed by around 25% based in North America and around 15% in Asia Pacific. The Middle East and South and Central America accounted for around 20% of participants. This research was conducted to help us understand the latest market feedback from this network of intermediary consultants and how we can continue to work with our partners to provide the most innovative solutions for their clients and members.

On behalf of UnitedHealthcare Global and the Worldwide Broker Network, we would like to say thank you to all of the network who participated in the survey. Your knowledge, expertise and insights are extremely important to us and we hope you find the trends interesting.

Key Findings

Local compliance regulations 
are the largest barrier to implementing global health and travel policies


on the ever changing landscape of global health trends was seen as important by 40% of respondents


Network size and access 
are the most important factors when it comes to recommending a carrier to clients


Quality and ease of access 
are the most important factors for providing healthcare solutions to clients


Virtual care
 is seen as the most transformative next step in healthcare, followed by wellness and mental health solutions


Download the full report here to get more in-depth insights on the current market trends.