November is Men's Health Awareness month

Read Dr. Amit Arwindekar's note on Men's Health Awareness Month:

movember“It’s November, which means it’s time for Movember – an annual event focusing on men’s health issues, accompanied by millions of people growing their facial hair in recognition of the cause. Running for its 17th year, the event encourages men, boys, and their families to raise money to combat pertinent health issues such as male cancers and mental health.

Movember is committed to changing the face of men’s health and the good news is that many of the health challenges men go through can be optimised if addressed. Regular medical check-ups are critical for the prevention and treatment of illnesses like testicular and prostate cancer which, when found early, can be very treatable. Fortunately, there has been growing awareness surrounding testicular and prostate cancer in recent years, leading to increasing numbers of men being screened. Similarly, the conversation around mental health has widened and become more public. The taboos around it being seen as ‘un-manly’ to discuss issues such as depression or anxiety are changing, and we must continue breaking down these barriers. Let’s use this Movember to build upon this momentum and keep reminding men to get screened regularly and check in on each other. Whether it’s phoning a friend for a chat, a virtual coffee, talking to a GP or calling a helpline, bringing health into your everyday conversations could save someone else’s life.” - Dr. Amit Arwindekar, Medical Director, Global Solutions, UnitedHealthcare Global