October is Breast Cancer Awareness month

Read Dr. Shoba Subramanian's note on Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

“October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an important time to remember all those who have survived or are currently tackling the disease.

This worldwide campaign highlights all the work thousands of organisations do each year to raise awareness, treat and research breast cancer. This has never been truer during COVID-19, where so many people have continued their battle with breast cancer and have relied on the essential support these organisations provide.

If caught early breast cancer is easier to treat - being aware of your body & personal health is the first step in preventing the acceleration of this disease, so we recommend you self-examine at least once a month and if you ever notice any changes you should always get them checked out by a doctor. Remember breast cancer can affect both women and men. This Breast Cancer Awareness Month does something great and encourages everyone to get involved in the efforts to beat this disease.” - Dr. Shoba Subramanian, Medical Director Europe, UnitedHealthcare Global