What is the Return to Workplace tool?

Using a simple online Pre-Deployment Medical Screening Questionnaire with Yes/No answers, we can highlight responses that may require further intervention and alert Human Resources teams to decide whether further action is required with the employee. The questionnaire has been designed for use as an interim health check and will highlight any changes to the employees’ health, including a specific set of questions which screen for COVID-19 risk.

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How does it work and what are the benefits?

  • Quick - It only takes 10 minutes to complete

  • Detailed - Full reporting and audit trial of screening employees

  • Secure - Information held on secure MedDBase platform

  • Responsible - Peace of mind for employees that their company is putting their health and safety first.

  • Futureproof - Employers receive a report on the employee’s health and well-being, which allows them to manage future planning

Note: This service does not test whether the user has COVID-19. It is a screening tool to assess the risk to help inform a decision as to whether a medical review or test would be appropriate. The decision in all cases rests with the client. UnitedHealthcare Global does not make any recommendations to the client and does not accept any liability whatsoever in respect of the health of the user or fitness to travel or work.

The Return to Work Screening Tool is provided and administered by UnitedHealthcare Global Medical (UK) Limited.

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